NORÐIR. Indietronic Timetravel.
NORÐIR are tw0 full blooded musicians with a fascination for time travel and world history.
Equipped with electric drums, looper, electric guitars, synthesizers, visual effects and 3 languages, the band catapults the audience on a journey through time. (360°-video: German Democratic Republic, 1967)
Musically, NORÐIR perform a balancing act of several epochs.
Edgy 80's synth-pop sound meets the psychedelic soundscapes of the '60s and envelops clever, contemporary indie pop arrangements: Indietronic.
This works not only on stage but also on Spotify (70,000+ streams for the 1st single "No Hell No").
The band, made up of Viktor (born in Siberia) and Lars (born in Malaysia), is campaigning against xenophobia and for world openness and regularly participates in peace festivals such as Festival Contre Le Racisme, Pax Terra Musica and the Ulm Peace Weeks.

NORÐIR has already shared the stage with artists such as Get Well Soon, Karmic, Kilez More, Zoot Woman and Sun Pilots, and is the winner of the German Rock and Pop Award 2016.
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